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  • Gina Strathman

We've Rebranded!

We can finally spill the beans about the "big news" we've been working on all winter and hinting at for weeks now! Starting this coming weekend, we will be appearing at farmer's markets under our new name: Longer Table Farm! Eeek! We're almost as nervous as we are excited (very!), but we're confident that this shift is a wise investment in the future of our business. It's still us, growing the same quality produce as we have been and will continue to. Same faces, new name, and a few exciting additions...

Along with the name change, we're bringing Gina on as co-owner (and life partner), adding a cut flower program, and growing our value-added product line!

Why the rebrand? Will has been itching to update the farm name ever since he decided to step away from raising chickens. Though iconic, the bold chicken foot logo quickly became an old story that he found himself explaining over and over. With the advent of bringing Gina on as co-owner, it seemed a natural time to mark the occasion with a new name.

The switch is inevitably going to be a bit clunky at first. "The claw" has gained a small following, and we've typed "BlueLegFarms" into a lottttt of fields over the years. The undoing is going to take some time. Would you do us a huge favor, beloved blog reader, and help us get the word out? We'd be forever grateful if you would let your fellow farmer's market goers know!

Goodbye, Blue Leg Farms. We promise to do right by "the claw" in this new chapter.

Will, Gina, Dylan & the Longer Table crew

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