Tuber Trio

Tuber Trio


3-pack of dahlia tubers in your choice of purple or peach mixes, complete with giftable bag and growing instructions.


"Purple Medley" may include the following varieties: Voodoo, Moor Place, Mystique, Caitlin's Joy, Purple Mystery, or Koko Puff. "Peaches n' Cream" may include the following varieties: Crichton Honey, Nicholas, Ginger Willo, Cornel Bronze, Valley Rust Bucket, or Cafe Au Lait.

  • How to Grow Dahlias

    Dahlias are stunners in the garden and vase, and very easy to grow from tubers! They can be grown in large pots or in the garden. Select a planting site in full sun with well-draining soil. Plant tubers 12” apart and 6” deep with tuber on its side and growth point (or "eye") facing upwards. Tubers are susceptible to rot if overwatered; wait to water tubers until sprout has emerged, then water heavily throughout the Summer. Plants will die back with first frost. If planted in an area where the ground doesn't freeze and soil has good drainage, tubers can be left in the ground and will come up next year. Tubers can also be dug up, stored over winter, divided, and replanted in late Spring after risk of frost.

  • For Pickup at Farmer's Market

    Place order by 2:00 PST Thursday for pickup at one of our farmer's markets:  Occidental on Fridays (4:00-dusk), Healdsburg on Saturdays (8:30-12:00), or Marin at the Civic Center on Sundays (8:00-1:00). You must click "PICKUP AT FARMER'S MARKET" in your cart to specify which market you will pick up at.

    Shipping within the US is available for a flat rate of $13.