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Longer Table Farm was founded on a love of food, family, and the earth. We believe that good food and the act of sharing a meal has the power to dissolve differences and foster togetherness. It is our mission to be able to provide the healthy, delicious ingredients that inspire community around the kitchen table.

In 2014, our farm (then Blue Leg Farms) was little more than an oversized garden and a half-baked idea. It is now a 10 acre, highly productive Certified Organic farm in the heart of Sonoma County, California. Our organic produce and cut flowers can be found at farmer's markets, grocery stores, and restaurants throughout the greater Bay Area.

In 2021, Blue Leg Farms became Longer Table Farm. Like so many others, our business had to "get creative" in 2020, prompting the name change as well as the addition of a value added product line, a cut flower program, and a business (and life) partner. 

OUR practices

Our farming practices exceed organic requirements and are constantly evolving to be as environmentally and socially sustainable as possible. We passionately believe that healthy soil is the essential foundation of quality produce, and are committed to cultivating a wide range of biodiverse crops, implementing crop rotation, and cover cropping. While farming is inherently disruptive by nature, we strive to give back to the land as much as we take from it to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship.


The following principles guide us and ground us:


  • Quality: We utilize responsible farm practices to produce healthy and, therefore, more delicious and beautiful vegetables and cut flowers.

  • Inclusivity: We continue to implement systems of efficiency without compromising integrity, allowing us to sell our products at an accessible price to a more diverse audience.

  • Sustainability: We are constantly evaluating the balance of financial, physical/personal, and environmental sustainability within our business to ensure longterm viability.

Our team


Will started what is now Longer Table Farm (then Blue Leg Farms) back in 2014 from humble beginnings in his parent's back yard. He is a total romantic about food and it's preparation. Being the youngest of five kids, he was raised in the kitchen, helping cook meals for his family (and whoever else dropped in). His family, now double the size, still meets for family dinner every Sunday. He is a tool nerd, and loves scheming new systems to improve the workings of the farm.


Gina is newly a part owner of the farm and runs the cut flower operation. She studied graphic design, and still wears that hat frequently for the farm, designing labels, this here website, etc. She started and ran her own business as a floral designer for a few years specializing in full service event design, but made the switch to focus on growing cut flowers for the farm after the COVID-19 pandemic halted all events. The farm now offers unique event design options with an entirely farm-sourced twist: read more here!


Dylan is the Sales Manager and unofficial hype man at Longer Table Farm. He has been with the farm for about four years now, since the early Blue Leg days, and has been instrumental in growing Longer Table Farm to what it is today. If you've ever called the farm phone line, sent us an email, or picked up an order, you've met Dylan and his infectious energy. If by chance you missed him, he was likely out in the field rallying with the rest of the harvest crew. He does it all!

FIND us at market

Healdsburg Farmer's Market

Saturdays, May-November


Marin Farmer's Market

Sundays, year-round


Marin Farmer's Market

Thursdays, year-round


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