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Dried Ancho Peppers

Dried Ancho Peppers


Ancho peppers are dried Poblano peppers that have ripened red on the plant before harvesting. They are a staple in Mexican cooking, traditionally pureed and used in sauces. Anchos are one of the key ingredients used in making mole sauce.


Our farm-grown organic chilies will add next-level flavor to your kitchen repetoire. Use them in sauces, soups, salsas, powders - you can’t go wrong! Here’s our fool-proof technique to launch you on your culinary journey:


  • Remove stems and seeds from chilies.
  • Toast flattened chilies in a dry pan to enhance flavor. Careful not to scorch them!
  • Toasted chilies can be rehydrated during cooking in soups and such, or by soaking in hot water for 20 minutes then blended into sauces or incorporated as desired.


1.25 ounce bag of dried Ancho peppers

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