Farmer's Blend Chili Powder

Farmer's Blend Chili Powder


Vibrantly colored, fresh flavored chili powder made in small batches with 100% farm-grown chilies! 1.2 oz jar.


A balance of heat and flavor. Red anaheim peppers form the base of the Farmer's Blend, with a few of our spicier specialty varieties added to bring up the heat. The result is a versatile and delicious blend with a kick. We use this powder liberally in the farm kitchen.

  • For Pickup at Farmer's Market

    Place order by 12:00 PM Wednesday for pickup at our booth at one of the following farmer's markets: Marin at the Civic Center on Thursdays and Sundays (8:00-1:00). You must click "PICKUP AT FARMER'S MARKET" in your cart to specify which market you will pick up at.