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  • Gina Strathman

Newsletter: December 2020

Welp... November slipped right by us. Suppose we were enjoying our newly relaxed schedule a bit too much. The pace on the farm these days has slowed dramatically from just a couple months ago, and we welcome it. It's our time to collect ourselves, plan for next season, relish in the green sea of cover crop in the fields, take a vacation, and reward ourselves a bit for the past Summer's grueling work.

With minimal winter crops in the ground, we've been able to shift our attention to some fun value-added products, perfect for holiday gifting! We've put together some limited edition Chili Lover's Gift Boxes for you savvy shoppers, including four of our favorite powders made with organic chilies grown on our farm this year. Each box includes a guide with flavor notes and use suggestions, all tied up with a raffia bow and ready to gift! This killer lineup includes:

  • Basque Chili Powder: Otherwise known as “Piment d’Espellete”, this pepper hails from the Basque region of Spain and France where it is used liberally in place of black pepper. Sweet and peachy with a nuanced, subtle heat. Pairs well with lamb or wild game. Can also be used in place of paprika, or as a milder alternative for cayenne.

  • Farmer's Blend Chili Flakes: These aren’t your bulk bin chili flakes. A mix of our favorite sweet and spicy organic chilies create this super flavorful, vibrantly colored kitchen staple. A great finishing touch to most everything, we think!

  • Costeño Amarillo Chili Powder: Pure Oaxacan gold. Available exclusively in gift boxes! Bright and fruity, with a decent kick. Pairs wonderfully with seafood, poultry, and of course, mole amarillo.

  • Smoked Paprika: We cold smoke our prized Jimmy Nardello peppers for this smokey sweet paprika. No heat here - sprinkle liberally! Try it on popcorn and devilled eggs.

We also have our powders available individually in 1.2 oz jars (AKA stocking stuffer size...), as well as bags of our whole dried chilies, and Blue Leg Farms hats and organic cotton T-shirts - all available to order in our online shop for shipping or local pickup at our farmer's markets. Rumor has it we'll even be bringing chili pepper wreaths to markets this coming weekend and next... Keep an eye on Instagram for a visual of those. ;) Find us at Healdsburg Farmer's Market (extended this year until December 19th!) and Marin Farmer's Market at the Civic Center (year-round)! We look forward to putting healthy, delicious food on your table through the winter and always. Wishing you and yours a joyful (and, we hope, spicy) holiday season, the Blue Leg crew

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